God, Love

The Sweetest Gal in the Room


The other day I caught my self being SUPER judgy about a person and their situation. God graced me with a terrible picture of myself in that moment. And I mean terrible. My black sin and the origin of my judgement was right there for me to see, and I was disgusted.

To be utterly disgusted with yourself does not sound like grace, but it led to the truest of true repentance. God loves me too much to leave me in that place, and I am so glad. When I was praying I had this realization of who, as I became more Christlike, I hope to become: the sweetest gal in the room.

Can you think of a Christian woman you know who is bitter, snide, judgy, and gossipy? The woman who uses her “concerned for others” and “prayer requests” as gossip or judgement? Who has no grace for others, yet masters the superficial “grace “and put togetherness of the acceptable “church lady”? I can think of a few, can you? (If you are thinking of me with this description, I’m so sorry. Remember, God’s not through with me yet).

I saw that picture in my mind of my potential: embittered as the years passed, unrepentant of my sin, and eager to point out others.

Then an image came to mind of the opposite: of what God’s grace can do. To be honest I pictured a real live woman that I know. I won’t mention her name because she would be embarrassed, but I’ll tell you about her. She is full of grace for others. She is ALWAYS serving people in any way she can. She is hysterically funny and an absolute joy to be around. She prays fiercely for others. Serves people in ways others won’t. Has real, raw, encouragement for others. Is the best, most thoughtful listener. Fights for her family and serves and shepherds them. A mom, sister, friend to all.

She is not a “proverbs 31 woman”, because that woman doesn’t exist. She is a woman who’s whole heart is devoted to Christ, and lives every small moment in the joy of pursuing Him and walking out her faith. She is the sweetest gal in every room.

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