God’s Infinite Goodness

As I talked to the parents of a little girl with special needs on Saturday, God’s infinite goodness hit me right between the eyes. I was helping at an easter egg hunt/easter party extravaganza (petting zoo, face painting, star wars, disney princesses, cotton candy EXTRAVAGANZA) that was designed catered to families with special needs kids. This particular family had one daughter dressed in a beautiful golden gown that sparkled in the sunlight. Her sweet face was concentrating hard on getting to the eggs, although her body had a hard time taking orders.

The beautiful little girl had trouble with mobility, so I directed the family to the appropriate “zones”. The parents told me they don’t do candy, so I double checked which field had only toys in the eggs and showed them, thinking nothing of it.

Later the father of the little girl came up to me. “Thank you for just showing us where the toys were when we said we don’t do candy. We went to another easter egg hunt with our daughter, and when we asked about eggs with no candy the person said ‘what are you trying to be healthy or something?’.”

Their daughter had a very well hidden feeding tube I had failed to notice. The smallest fact that we had a whole section of eggs that not only was designed for children with mobility issues, but with toys instead of candy meant so incredibly much to this family. And to not feel judged in any way and embraced fully meant even more.

After the dad came and talked to me, I just stood still and looked around. I saw God caring for the hurting. God changing the stigma in our society that a child with special needs is anything but an equally beautiful and impactful life. God meeting the needs of his people. God creating laughter in hardship. God blessing tired parents.

God’s goodness does not change if something bad happens to us. It is infinite and so far beyond what we can imagine. It is never ending, and is lasting. The hard parts of our lives are not. And though we may not be delivered or healed right now, we are cared for.

Thank you Jesus.

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