The Lord’s Prayer Part One

I’m over here like

because I am so excited to share this with you! Today I’m launching the first of a 6 Part series on The Lord’s Prayer.

So why the Lord’s Prayer?

Cause Jesus.

Jesus, from a mountain top, smack dab in a sermon on the moral and ethical code we should strive after as disciples, says “PRAY THEN LIKE THIS.”

Several weeks ago at church a couple of our pastors did an amazing sermon together piece by piece on the Lord’s Prayer. As they were speaking it struck me….. Jesus not only said to PRAY LIKE THIS but he also gave a prayer that was a RECIPE FOR CARING FOR OUR SOULS. Souls that He made. So you could say he probably knows what we need.

Join me below to dive into the first of the series, putting the Lord’s Prayer into context, the importance of utilizing it, a challenge, and some wisdom from CS Lewis:

At the end of the series I am releasing an E-Book 5 week bible study/devotional on the Lord’s Prayer that I can’t wait for you to read. Subscribe to the blog to get it sent straight to your inbox for free!

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