The Power of Imperfection

With this new “gladly” era on my blog there has consciously come with it  a new era of putting myself out there. Being vulnerable. Risking judgment or looking stupid.

As I made videos for my Instagram story speaking about Paul and his life of gladness despite suffering, my main concern was that I was wearing no make up and could not find an angle that did not highlight my crooked nose, which I broke playing sports and never got set.

I was speaking words that I knew were powerful because they were powerful in my heart when God spoke them to me through the Bible.

Yet my focus was on how I looked doing it. My fear was that people would make fun of the way that I looked and missed the way that I spoke. That what came out of my mouth would be weighed under the crushing weight of my imperfections.

What a ridiculous lie from the enemy.

I probably will get judged because of how I look if I truly put myself out there. I probably will get made fun of because of the small amount of views on my youtube videos. But you know what? Who gives a flying you-know-what.

If one person hears the word of God, it’s all worth it.

God gives us great and power and beauty too deep for the world to fully comprehend. He promises us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. And I was thinking, what if a  woman or young girl sees my post and decides to post the picture where she looks happy instead of the one where the angle is just right.

What if women could tell each other the truth about themselves with no fear of shame and no holding back because of other people looking down on them.

What if Instagram truly was the story of our lives instead of carefully orchestrated events so filtered the truth can’t come out.

What if women lived a life untethered by the comparison of filters?

What if women spoke boldly because they knew the words coming out of their mouths were their power, and not the size of their jeans?

Imperfection is power.

Weakness is strength in Christ.

Real life beats the filtered version ALWAYS because there is no real filtered version. That is not real life. Real life, real vulnerability, real love wins.

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