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Fly The Flag {Veterans Day}

My grandpa would tell you he flew airplanes. He’d tell you he flew a lot of different ones, but C-130’s and B-47’s the most. Grandpa would tell you all the places he flew over, and landed in. He’d laugh and say he dropped a paratrooper on the Queen of England during a demonstration for her when the wind took the chute a little off course. He’d talk about getting back to his wife and kids, and all the places he got them set up on the base. He’d tell you his wife told him to “fly low and slow” every time he left.

This is what he wouldn’t tell you. He flew for our country in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. He should have died a million times over. He lost an engine over the ocean. Grandpa flew not knowing whether or not he would drop the atomic bomb. He carried a cyanide pill on his missions. He wouldn’t tell you he planned and led the biggest paratroop drop mission in US history in Vietnam and made a LIFE Magazine cover. He wouldn’t talk about not being able to reach his wife for 2 days to tell her he was alright when she saw a crash from his squadron on the news.

Today we thank Veteran’s for ALL that they did for US; for what they tell us and what we will never know.

Today we fly the flag, proud of our country that stands in freedom because of our Veterans.

Today we give Veterans the respect and thanks they deserve always. For what they tell us, and even more for what they don’t.


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