Cultivating a Heart of Thanks

Like you, this week I have been thinking what I am thankful for. Cultivating a heart of thanks can be oversimplified this time of year: going around the table and sharing something small before tucking in to the turkey. Moving on to gifts and trees and the rush of the holiday season.

But what am I thankful for? I think when it comes to cultivating a heart of thanks, the more important question is How am I thankful?

Sometimes it seems like every moment of thankfulness and joy is tinged with pain.

The pain of childbirth and the joy of the infinite love of motherhood.

The pain of sickness or broken relationships and the sweetness of them restored.

The pain of not having enough and the miracle of God’s provision.

Sometimes hurt comes before joy. Or maybe even a lot of the time. But thankfulness is what wraps it up into a package of beauty.

What does it mean to cultivate a heart of thankfulness? Truly I think it means feeling. Experiencing pain and joy in living a life true. Truly present, truly free, truly open. Choosing how to live and breathe.

Thankful is living with your hands and your heart wide open, ready to wrap up life’s pain and blessings.


Happiest of Thanksgivings friend.




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