What Church is For

What Church is For

These stupid gum wrappers give you a truth or a dare to do. I generally don’t follow the direction of random gum wrappers, but one made me laugh. It asked what your worst fashion moment was, and I thought of an outfit I wore a couple of Easter’s ago to church.

It was a long turquoise skirt, with a sheer floral fabric over the top. I can’t remember the shirt or shoes I was wearing with them, but it doesn’t really matter for this story.

I go to a pretty big church, and on Easter the place is packed. We got our seats close to the front early, and I ran to the bathroom really quick before the service started.

On my way back in I tried to walk quietly and inconspicuously down the aisle past the rows and rows of people so I wouldn’t be a distraction from the message.
When I slid back in our row, my mom glanced at me and then turned back to me with wide eyes.

“Karissa!” Then she reached down and untucked the back of my skirt from my underwear.

In my defense, I had managed to get the sheer (aka see-through) part of the skirt down. Not in my defense, I had worn the type of underwear that women wear when they don’t want any panty lines in their Easter skirt. In other words, there was a full moon.

I’m not sure how many people I turned away from church with my accidental mooning, but let’s just say it probably doesn’t score high on the evangelism aptitude test.

BUT. (Or should I say BUTT).

Isn’t that what church is for? Isn’t that what grace is? The most mortifying parts of yourself made clean by Jesus’ righteousness?

A place where you can accidentally show potentially hundreds of people your white butt and still go back?

Oh, and I forgot to mention something, in case you don’t know me well:
My husband is a pastor. At the church I sometimes moon people at.

The moral of the story: there is grace for us. There is grace for me (HALLELUJAH AMEN), and there is  grace for YOU. Church is for the mess, not the pristine.

And you should laugh at yourself more. So when your fly was undone the whole time at church this week it doesn’t matter quite so much (especially if you have as much mooning experience as I do).

So go to church, knowing there are people there who will love you like Jesus just where you are at. Don’t wait for Christmas or Easter (especially not Easter, there may be another full moon) or until you have your stuff figured out. Go NOW. Get peace now. Feel loved now, right where you are at in life. Right in the mess.

Church is for now. Church is for messy. Don’t wait, because there are people waiting there for you with Jesus’ love. There are people who will walk beside you. And people who will tell you to pull your skirt out of your underwear.


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