A Glad Christmas for the Hurting

Since we’re all honest here, this Christmas season my heart is hurting and my brain is frazzled and my to do list is a mile long. And we are still a couple weeks (I know, less than that but give it to me) away.

But because of God’s irritating infinitely wise admonishment through the apostle Paul to lean in to our hardships and live gladly through them, I’m trying my hardest not to be a hot mess Scrooge, which is like a regular Scrooge but more weepy. I’m trying to live Gladly, no matter how crazy life gets.

The best way I know how is to try to live like my daughter. Mostly, to be excited about the things that are exciting, and to be hurt about the things that hurt. And admit they hurt. Admit that the people who aren’t here any more will be dearly missed sitting around the tree. But also admit that the joy of watching your child open a surprise gift is a joy as penetrable as the pain.

This time of year living gladly I think just means really living. Maybe letting some things go that don’t matter, and slowing down a bit the things that do.
Most of all looking at the tree and the gifts and the lights and letting them point your heart to Christ, who hung on a tree as the most precious gift, the creator of light itself.

Living gladly through the Christmas season isn’t ignoring reality and putting on a cheery facade. It means living life fully, and when things are hard, knowing and believing with your whole soul that in our weakness Christ makes us strong.

May you have a blessed and full Christmas this year, friend.

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Cor 12:9)



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