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It has been barely a month since we lost my grandfather. I have wanted to share a bit on here about our loss and his life, but mostly have been wondering how I even possibly could. How can you pick a few moments out of a 95-years-full life? How can snippets describe a person? Or words describe love and loss?

I don’t think they can, and I hate that I can’t really, really, tell you all about him, or my grandma (his wife of 67 years at her passing), or any other loved ones lost.

At my grandfather’s funeral my brother shared a poem he had written to grandpa. He said I could share it here, and I think it is all the heart-words I need for now.

My brother is a pilot, like my grandpa, Lieutenant Colonel Lyle Moore. Grandpa was a retired Air Force pilot who flew in WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, and the Cold War. He earned too many metals to describe here in his career flying more than 10 different airplanes, (one career highlight is the cover of LIFE magazine for planning and leading the largest paratroop drop in history) including The Distinguished Flying Cross, The Bronze Star, and The Air Medal. This is just one sliver of his 95 years, a sliver I wanted to share in light of my brother’s poem.


Dear Grandpa,

My last flight grandpa, I thought of you
You wisdom, your guidance, & your humble virtue.
Each of your stories, I knew to be true
Inspired the man who stands before you

Your last flight grandpa, I remember very well
We flew out above the ocean and past the coastal swell
I saw a light in your eyes that I knew very well
The same light that shone, under grandma’s love spell.

My last flight Grandpa, I wish you could have seen
The glorious views laid out before me
Heaven and Earth together pristine
The world you described, the one in my dream

Your last flight grandpa, did you think of me?
Did you think of how flying to you, is like a fish to the sea.
Did you lose all worry, as your thoughts flew free
And did you remember your children, all one two and three.

My last flight grandpa, I heard your voice
So clearly you spoke over all the prop noise
You said to me Bryce, you have the choice
To remember and weep, or to remember and rejoice

Now as you fly away Grandpa, leaving earth behind
I hope you glance back, and I hope that you find
All of the love you shared in all of your time
Heavens doors await, as does our righteous Divine

So your wings will fly on, only pinned to my chest
for now Colonel Moore, you just get some rest
Thank you for your service, our country is truly blessed

Return to Grandma, for she needs you more this Christmas.

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