Why I write


To the women in my life,

You are why I write.

From birth I saw your faces before me, through childhood and adulthood you have been here. Present: shaping  and forming me. When I married, you stood beside me and behind me and all around me. Through marriage I gained more beautiful and strong women to glean from.

My friends and my family and my inspirations.

To the women in my life, you are why I write.

I write to you because I need to tell you something.

I need to tell you you are strong and brave and beautiful. Those are facts that are unchanging and unwavering because of who you are. I need to tell you that life hurts sometimes but there will be joy. I need to tell you that we need each other, that we are stronger together.

I write to tell you that your pain is my pain and my pain is yours. That we are all in this together and that we all fall short and fail. We are all equals walking out a beautiful life that is woven into the tapestry of a greater story.

I write to tell you that there is hope outside of us. That we were made for more than what this world tells us we are here for. That we have a bright future and a lasting legacy.

To the women in my life: I write for you.



I keep these pictures on my desk next to the computer where I write. I look at my daughter’s face, and the faces of some of the dearest women in my life, and then I turn and write hope. It is not lost on me that I had this post planned for today weeks in advance, and last night on one of the biggest stages women from all walks of life united against the disgusting treatment women (and men) have faced in the workplace and throughout life. It is beautiful and powerful when we stick together, isn’t it? But let us not miss the whole picture; and that is the framework of who we are as women. Image-bearers of God, created equally with men by The Creator himself. We need to remember we do not fight to be equal: we already are and always have been. Do not forget who you are, sister. So fight against the notion, against the treatment of inequality, against the slurs and injustice . Fight  knowing who you already are, and who you always have been.

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