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When I Showered { Self Care for Moms }

I will always remember coming home from the hospital after giving birth to my daughter, placing her in my mothers arms in the rocking chair in our room, and taking a shower. My mom was literally holding my blissfully sleeping daughter on the other side of the shower wall, but I swore I could hear her crying the whole time (I think that just happens when you become a mom). Between the periodic poking my head out of the shower to ask if my daughter was ok, I can remember marveling at how my body was suddenly just my own again. Self care I think will always be like that for moms…. our thoughts are never our own all the way after becoming a mama. There is always a slice dedicated to the title humans walking around with your last name. 

I don’t think that is something we need to fight against for “self care”. Self care isn’t the absence of taking care of anyone else besides yourself. It is the inclusion of yourself in taking care of others. And the addition to more care for yourself directly equates to caring more for others.

To be honest, showering is still like it was with a newborn for me. It is a time to take care of myself, and just be ME. I am reminded that I am important enough. That I am still myself. And that I have super powers (hello mother’s intuition that the eerie silence means my daughter is, in fact, going through my makeup drawer while I am rinsing the suds through my hair and I have approximately 30 seconds before my bathroom is an explosion of foundation).

Today, mama, be reminded that you are not just a milk machine. Or a snot catcher. Or butt wiper. Or diaper sniffer. YOU are YOU. You are amazing. And you have gosh darn super powers.

So wear your nice yoga pants. Hide in the pantry and eat candy. Lock yourself in the bathroom. Take a shower.

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