• Karissa

10 Things NOT To Say To A Pregnant Woman

1) You must be due any day

I don’t care if you know she is due next week: she knows she “looks big”, you don’t have to point it out.

2) Is it just one in there?

Again, she knows that she is huge, thankyouverymuch. It doesn’t matter if there is one or five; this is the only      time a woman can have ice cream for dinner without feeling guilty. Let it go, Let it go!

3) When I was pregnant…..

I know that you want to share your infinite wisdom with this naive, unknowing pregnant woman but please, refrain from unsolicited advice. Chances are she has read What to Expect When You are Expecting 500 times already, and doesn’t want your kind-hearted suggestions.

4) Are you sure your should be eating that?

What a great way to get the worst stink eye you have ever encountered.

5) When I gave birth…

Believe it or not, it is not comforting for a pregnant woman to hear about your traumatic birthing experience. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

6) Do you want my slice of cake, honey?


7) Do you want a foot rub?


8) You aren’t going to drug your baby are you?

No, I am not going to take meth while pregnant. Oh wait, you mean use an epidural that research shows does not negatively affect my baby? People, this mama is making the best decision for herself and her baby. It is her business, and whether she decides to give birth medication free or otherwise, she is bringing a baby into the world.  She deserves applause, not judgement.

9) Wow, you are having another one?

Some people think kids are a blessing. Her family is different from yours, big whoop.

10) Can I touch your belly?

I know it is hard to believe, but a lot of women do not like their bodies touched by total and complete strangers.