• Karissa

7 Week Health Update

Hi friends, Wanted to give you another update on the Barker household. This is the 7th week of my migraine (no, there has been no reprieve, at all, yes that means I have had one migraine the whole time, seven weeks). We seem to have been is a strange dance: some days being ok enough for me to see family for dinner (although not without physical consequences), and others back ten paces. Thursday was one of my best days, and Saturday one of my worst. God has so provided in every way. Colin has been the constant selfless leader in our family, holding us together and telling me I can do it one more day on the days I know I can’t. He has taken care of every tiny detail and filled every role: provider, mommy, daddy, husband, pastor, nurse, EMT, chef, scheduler. He should not have to live like this, and it breaks my heart. But never once has he complained. He is the true example of Jesus Christ’s sacrificial love, and lives out Corinthians when Paul says “husbands give yourselves up for her as Christ gave himself up for the church”. I am in awe of him every day. My mom has been the same light. She has taken care of Lanie and myself every day, as I am not well enough to be alone by myself, much less take care of Caroline. She also has never complained, and since birth had always been my champion and advocate. All of our parents have been doing everything they can to support us, and extended family and friends have been praying for us and supporting us in any way too, and we are so thankful. My work also has been supporting me giving me so much grace, which I am so absolutely astounded by and thankful for, especially as I have been unable to work. This week was a tough one. I started chiropractic, massage therapy, and a new anti seizure medicine. All of them got me down for the count, so to speak. I am not eating gluten (NEVER thought those words would come or of my mouth) and doing countless other things to try to stop this migraine. We have one appointment with neurologists that specialize in migraines in Seattle that will work with my local neurologist for the end of August, and we are trying to get one sooner. Please pray that I would not be discouraged, and that we would find solutions. Pray for Caroline, as she is missing her mama, and for her development and health as well. Pray for courage and energy and sustenance for Colin and my mom, and blessings upon a blessings.

Lots of people are wanting to know how they can help. We have not had a meal sign up or visitors during this whole process, so if we have said “oh you don’t have to bring a meal” or something along those lines please don’t take it personally. The truth is, we so appreciate and love you, and are struggling a lot. But the bigger truth is, I am not physically able to really see people. With a migraine, you pay for every physical activity, and every stimulation. A doctors appointment= 3points up on the pain scale and throwing up. Dinner or social interaction can = throwing up that night, unable to walk or talk, and out of commission the whole next day. I cannot speak clearly a lot of times or walk or sit up (on the bad days).

Your prayers are helping us immensely. When we feel in this alone, we know there is a whole army of saints out there interceding for us, and that makes us brave.

I want you to know that this is worth it. And I know it. And I am going to tell you and show you why someday when I figure out how and when I am able. And I don’t want you to be discouraged about your hardships and sufferings, because thy are worth it. In Christ, he works ALL things for the good of those who love him. Please pray for us, and don’t be discouraged. I’ll try not to be either. Thank you so much. In him, Karissa