• Karissa

Chronic Migraine: Early Health Update

Hi All. Did you know I have become a vampire? A new breed of them, where you still are allergic to the sun but you actually give blood instead of sucking others.

In all reality, I have been missing in action due to some health issues that I want to finally share here. I decided it’s about time to let people know. When I logged in here, I saw that somehow I am still getting hundreds of views daily, even though I have been an absentee blogger. So thank you, and I miss you too!

Here goes, I’ll go ahead let you in on the deep dish of humility I have been served lately. I hope this makes sense and there isn’t a ton of mistakes, as I am not thinking clearly and cannot see straight, and may have to take several breaks in writing it.

A month ago, I got a bad migraine. I have had migraines before, so it wasn’t a big deal. I took some medicine and we went on with our day; we had a loved one’s 2nd birthday party to attend and couldn’t wait to give her our gift. At the party, I started feeling like I was going to pass out (also not new for my migraines). Caroline was playing safely with all of our family around, so I walked away from her went to the screen door (I was on the porch and Colin was inside. I called for Colin and then passed out.

I came to sitting down with Colin holding me up and my dad and uncles surrounding me. I couldn’t stay coherent, so they moved me into my mom’s car. The only thing I remember from this part is looking up and seeing my mom’s face and trying to talk and not being able to. My mom and Colin were taking me to the emergency room, but I was unconscious and started having seizures in the car, so they met an ambulance on the side of the road.

I remember being in the ambulance and knowing the answers to questions like what my name was, but I’m told that was a long time after being on the side of the road.

Wow, this all sounds so dramatic, which is why I haven’t shared this yet. Hang in there.

I was admitted to the hospital (Colin reminds me I had more seizures in the ER, which I don’t remember) and hooked up to an EEG to rule out epilepsy. They also ruled out a tumor, stroke, and many other things with CT, MRI, and blood tests. These were the first nights my husband and I had been away from Caroline, and I was devastated (she was fine).

Long story short, everything was ruled out, and it became clear that the seizures were caused by migraines. I was too dizzy and incoherent to walk, sit up, or function for a long time. I have had a migraine that will not stop (“complex migraine with non-epileptic seizures”) since that day (a month ago), although no seizures or hospital visits for a couple weeks. Hospitalists, neurologists, and my general physician have been working to break the migraine. I am trying everything.

I have not been able to work for a month. I tried one day for the first time this week and paid for it dearly (and still am). I had some hard news from my neurologist this week, and had to tell my boss I would not be able to work for another month. Thankfully, I am blessed to work in an amazing office that is giving me tons of grace, and God is taking care of all things.

I am going to lay down more pride, and just confess that I am not doing well. I cannot take care of myself and my daughter, and have times where I cannot walk by myself or speak coherently, or continuously vomit. Everything says that a bad, complex migraine could last for 1-2 weeks, and it has been a month with no signs of stopping. We have done everything we know of so far to make this stop, and it’s not.

We are in uncharted and scary territory, and I am trying not to be discouraged. My wonderful husband has been our rock, selflessly and patiently encouraging while taking care of everything. And our family has stepped up to every need. But this needs to stop, and it’s not (I know, drama queen alert). We have kept this private until now because we do not know what’s going on. But it seems that we haven’t made a lot of progress in the last month.

But, now for the important part, and the most sincere part of this post. I want to share so very much that God is doing in my heart, besides humbling me, which I greatly need. But, I think that will take several posts. So until I can get to that point, I will just share this:

He is faithful.

My faith has been tested. And I am not going to claim that I have felt God’s presence profoundly the whole time, and not questioned His ways or that I was humble.

My constant prayer  during this has echoed the dad in Mark; “I believe, Lord, help my unbelief!”. But God has shown me that He is taking care of me, through many many circumstances. He is teaching me to boast gladly of my weaknesses (which is so hard for me, cause PRIDE), because His grace is sufficient (2 Cor 12:9). When we are weak, HE IS STRONG.

I cannot wait to be on the other side of this, and share more with you what God has done in my heart, and the healing He has done in my life. I cannot wait to figure out how to use this to truly boast all the more gladly of His strength in my weakness.

But for now, I am going back to being a vampire before my computer screen makes me turn to vapor (or throw up, which is far more likely).

In the meantime, thank you for still enjoying my blog, AND PLEASE PRAY FOR MY FAMILY AND I. Pray for courage and strength for my husband and family taking care of everything while I cannot. Pray for my heart, and increasing faith. And pray for some dang healing! Thanks so much for this wonderful community.