• Karissa

Cleaning With A Dirty Rag

I have tried a lot to get my migraine to go away. I have seen a lot of doctors, tried a lot of medications, done a lot of different therapies. None of them have worked.

I have noticed recently that my hope has shifted a bit into getting better. If I tried this and my migraine stopped, then our lives would be fixed. If I could just change this, maybe it would go away. If I could, If I could, If I Could……

Our lives can get cleaned up all we want: lose weight, get a job, go to rehab, get married, have a kid, have more kids, be healed, whatever. But if that’s where our hope lies, we may as well be cleaning with a dirty rag.

Cleaning with a dirty rag you are just going to move the dirt around. One spot might get clean with that pay raise. That wedding. That healing. But just a change of circumstance will end up piling that dirt someplace else in your heart. Your hope will be in something that can be gone in a millisecond.


Our hope belongs nowhere else. Jesus Christ absolves us from our sin and messiness. And yes, he restores us and delivers us and heals us. But sometimes by God’s absolute grace, he doesn’t. In this life you WILL have hardships, whether you choose to reject God or not. But lean in and listen to my words: you will not find a true, lasting, eternal hope outside of Jesus Christ. If standing on the street corner screaming this message would help, I would do it. I am praying for your heart as you are reading this; that this truth and hope would sink in and overwhelm your soul. There is no hope outside of Christ. Jesus is our only hope. And your life, in the dark places and in the light is significant in Christ Jesus.

Don’t clean with a dirty rag. Don’t chase after success or deliverance or healing or health. Those are all good things, but none are THE THING. Chase after the only hope there is: Jesus Christ.