• Karissa

Dear Delilah

Today is me an ol’ Delilah’s one year anniversary together. I’m celebrating.

Did I mention Delilah is the debilitating migraine that has been my constant (as in never stopping, no not a headache a migraine, that has never for a second stopped in 1 year) companion for exactly 1 year. I was going to name her according to her girth and stubbornness, but decided on Delilah because 1) I’m super spiritual and 2) Delilah was a real b in the bible.

So, while for breakfast I eat our anniversary cake my husband so kindly made me, I’m penning you this love note, with some borrowed help from a fictional 4 year old romantic.

Dear Delilah, I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You are scum between my toes. I hate you. My family hates you. Everyone hates you. What was meant for evil, GOD meant for good. And He did it. In every way. You cannot rob me of what grace God chooses to bestow on me. You may have affected my life in every way possible, but it has been within the parameters GOD allowed. I am glad to have known you, Delilah. And if we continue our morbid relationship, I will be glad to be pointed to my only hope and savior because of you, and have a meaningful, joyous life despite of you. Now get lost. Love, Karissa

P.s. Now that I have earned your respect by beating you in every way I am able, BEAT IT

Somewhere, there are Orlando mothers mourning the loss of their kids, who two nights ago died in fear at the hands of a terrorist. There are young widows whose husbands were stolen by cancer. Daughters who lost their daddys. There are children whose bodies are sold daily by an oppressor. There is evil, and horror, and death, and sickness in this world. Most of it, to be honest, I cannot comprehend the depths of, in comparison to my small taste of suffering.

But what I do know, is suffering is universal. It does not discriminate. It is not because of race, gender, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status. It may look that way, but Satan has destruction planned for everyone and everything.

THERE IS HOPE. It also does not discriminate. Our hope is not in our race, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, or anything we could possibly do “good”. It is despite of the evil in this world, and because of it. Jesus Christ beat sin and death, and because of his free gift to us, we can know that we will endure suffering on this fallen world for a while longer, but then will spend an eternity away from tears and heartache. So we can be glad, brothers and sisters, despite our suffering. When we are lamenting and weeping together we can remember that this world is NOT all there is for us. It gets infinitely better. There is goodness, and hope, and promise for us. Christ’s grace is sufficient for all who want it. For when we are weak, then we are strong.

2 Cor 12