• Karissa

How Important is The Bible?

In our bible study group the leader asked a simple question: How important is the bible to you? As it turns out, it wasn’t really as simple of an answer.

One by one, each of us would say “The bible is very important to me.”. And then when pressed, the answers fell short, along the lines of ‘a road map for life’, or ‘well, it’s important, and I know I should read it more…’.

The more we answered, the more I felt a burning in my soul. I realized the casual way we were referencing the “road-map to our lives” was like a disease, spreading like wildfire in hearts and minds.

Scripture, God-breathed, was not given to us to feel guilty about not reading, to reference when useful, and ignore when not. And it is certainly not a road map to our lives.

The bible was given to us by God. A tangible gift, everything we need to know about the things that are beyond our imagination. A collection of books pointing at Jesus Christ, our need for Him, his gift to us. The maker of heavens, the beginner of the skies. Our rebellion, his pursual. Our hurt, his healing.

To think that God reached down and inspired the writing of a book to point us toward Him and tell of His grace, should be the most incredible thing we can think of. We should feel inconceivably rich to have a gift like that.

So, how important is the bible to you? I think we should compare our answer with how important the bible is regardless. Inconceivably, unimaginably, abundantly.

Father, the riches of your love are never ending. Thank you for your gift that we can hold, read. Let us drink in your words and accept your grace. Forgive us for seeing your word as an accessory to be adorned only when convenient. Give us a passion for living your ways and walking out your grace.