• Karissa

How to Maintain an Identity Outside of "Baby Mama"

Sometimes it is hard being Caroline’s mama instead of Karissa. I love it. It is so absolutely incredible to be Caroline’s mama, but I am still Karissa. Sometimes as a mama I feel like I am not really being seen. Do you?

Here are 5 ways to maintain your identity outside of baby mama:

1) Go somewhere alone. I don’t care if it is Target for nail clippers and it takes a week’s worth of planning to get there, do it. Don’t worry about meltdowns, germs, or saying no. Go and be alone.

2) Do something you love. Working Out, writing, reading, cartwheels, whatever it is, find a way to do it. Express yo’self!

3) Have friends that are in different life stages. One of my closest friends in the world is not married and doesn’t have kids. I can talk to her about anything, and she wants to know how I am doing. She sees me.

4) Change your Hair. Maybe it’s just me, but a new ‘do makes me feel like I just changed my whole life around. New hair can make you feel brave and refreshed.

5)Talk. Talk to God. Talk to your husband. Talk to your mom. Tell someone how you feel. Ask them to see you, and encourage you to take a little time for yourself.

I want to know… how do you maintain your identity outside of just mama?