• Karissa

Loved To Be Lovely

So God breathed life into Adam and Eve. When they opened their eyes, the first thing they ever saw was God’s face. And when God saw them he was like a new dad. “You look like me,” he said. “You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever made!” God loved them with all of his heart. And they were lovely because he loved them. -Jesus Calling

You, friend, are lovely. Not because of the way you look. Not because of your charm, or wit, or manners. Not because of your talents or accomplishments. But because God, the creator of the universe, made you that way. And HE delights in you. You are loved so completely, and that is what makes you lovely.

I’m not talking about what the world sees of you either. I’m talking about the truest you. The most hidden you. He sees you, as you are, and declares “Lovely.”

Lloyd-Jones, S. (2007). The Jesus Storybook Bible. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan