• Karissa

Reflections at 2 AM

You know when you wake up at 2 AM and cannot go back to sleep? Like when your toddler wakes up with a bad dream and will not go back to sleep until she is in your bed sleeping sideways snoring in unison with your husband and you are so far on your side of the bed one arm and leg are hanging off?

Here are 2 AM reflections:

The worlds most comprehensive and amazing grocery or to-do list

Lavender Essential oils, Special Ceiling Fan Cleaner, and a long list of organic obscure vegetables for a hummus recipe you made up.

I need to write that down…. Nah I’ll remember

No, you won’t. Write it down (but not the recipe you made up, that will be awful).

Counting Sheep

One Sheep, Two sheep, Red Fish, Blue Fish….. Wait, What?

Popular Song you can’t stand

Won’t You Stay With Me, Stay With Me. Ugh I hate that song! Get OUT OF MY HEAD!

The Half Dream

Oh look a beautiful unicorn! I shall keep it and name it Mathilda and ride it to school. Oh no, I am late to school! And I forgot to do my homework!

Now I lay me down to sleep….

I praise the Lord for making sheep. God bless Dr. Pepper, My Family, Guacamole, Cheesecake, Puppies……….