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Soul Shaping Books

There are books, there are good books, there are the books full of friends you feel you always knew, and then there are books that shape your very soul.

I get asked for book recommendations often, and wanted to share some here with you. I think I will start with the ones I love dearest, that have shaped my soul and faith:

The Screw Tape Letters:

This masterpiece by C.S. Lewis is a fictional work of genius written from the perspective of two demons communicating through letters about "the patient". Screwtape is a more senior demon than his nephew Wormwood, who he is writing to and counseling how to best turn "the patient" (the human) away from "the Enemy" (God).

It is not only a brilliant work, but it has been instrumental to me in my walk with Christ. There is so much substance to see God's beauty and love for us, and what feels like a glimpse into the world of spiritual warfare that are not privy to. Your eyes will be opened more to human nature and God's gracious nature when you read this (linked in picture below).

The Pilgrim's Progress:

This is another beautiful work of fiction that is so incredibly profound in the way that a life in pursuit of Christ is demonstrated. Written by John Bunyan, the story follows "Christian", the protagonist who goes on a pilgrimage to the "celestial city", with all the adventure along the way.

Every adventure and obstacle that Christian faces in his pilgrimage is a powerful allegory of what it means to "take up our cross and follow Him". I dare you to read this and not have your heart completely changed, and an imprint left on your soul.

Island of The World:

My pastor gave me this book written by Michael D. Obrien when I was really, really sick. It is a very long book, and I remember feeling like I'd never get through something like that when I couldn't even see straight or hold my head up. But a little at a time, and then a lot at a time, I read through a powerful story of suffering and triumph. Michael D. Obrien is a catholic that has a knack for writing the most beautiful stories of faith.

Father Elijah:

OK, if the last book is too long for you, this one is so you don't miss out on Michael D. Obrien's powerful writing. This is another work of fiction, although shorter (I've read my copy so many times it's falling apart), and another story that has shaped my soul.

Father Elijah is a Carmelite priest who is called by God to be instrumental in The Church in the end times. I don't want to give too much away, but I do want to say this is not a sci-fi type book if you are shying away. Read it, and you'll love it, and feel like you've known Father Elijah all your life.

I would love to know... what are the books that have shaped your soul?

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