• Karissa

To Wake Up Singing

My daughter wakes up singing. Sometimes, if I’m up moving around, I’ll sit outside her door and listen and pray. The other morning I crept carefully past her room with my devotional so I wouldn’t wake her up when I heard the singing.

“Oh He loves us! He loves us oh. He loves us with his heart heart heart. Oh Jesus loves us us us with his heart heart heart. Oh oh oh!”

That time, when I knelt outside her door, I just listened and cried.

If I was able to grasp the love of God for me the way my four year old does, I think I would wake up singing too. Would you?

My daughter knows “He is not far from any one of us.”  She knows she is loved. She knows the love is unconditional, and joy giving. She knows, without being able to say it, that perfect love casts out fear.

So, she wakes up singing.