• Karissa

UW Health Update

Hi friends, Wanted to give you another update on the Barker household, and the last health update I will post on my blog (Shortly, I will resume normal posts!). We were fortunate enough to get in to a neurologist at The University of Washington Medical Center, who is now working with my local neurologist (both have been excellent). We got some great answers as to why this has happened and what is going on, as well as great steps moving forward. Since starting some new treatments I have been improving very steadily, which has been amazing. I wanted to share a treatment prescribed here that has been a game changer, for anyone else suffering from migraines (I know A LOT of people whose lives have been really affected). It is called cefaly, and I am using it in the picture below. I know, you thought it was my wonder woman crown. Easy mistake.

I have learned so much about migraines that I don’t want to go into and butcher here, but one of the biggest concepts my neruologists have helped me realize (besides how mysterious migraines are) is it’s all about neurotransmitters. The cefaly works by stimulating the trigeminal nerve with electrical impulses, increasing the production of endorphins (good neurotransmitters), and decreasing pain. It does much more, and you can go to their site here to learn more about it and see studies done. Let me just tell you, I have used this for less than a week (20 mins a day), and it has made a huge difference. My migraine is so much more manageable, and I have been taking care of Caroline by myself as well as feeling like a human being the whole time, which was not possible two weeks ago.

We are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel, and are having the audacity to hope for a working body someday.

God is coming through for us in every possible way. He is healing me, slowly but surely. He is comforting me, and increasing my faith. He is taking care of us financially (in HUGE ways, THANK YOU JESUS). He is using my pain to sanctify me and defeat satan in my life. I am reminded constantly that every day spent in Christ, no matter what that day looks like, is meaningful.

To wrap up, I want to say again from both Colin and I how thankful we are for the support and prayers we received. The tangible gifts, thoughts, and prayers mean more than we could ever have the words to say. We are so appreciative and moved by people’s love, even when no one really knew what was going on. I had a really hard time sharing about my health on here, but we felt it was the best way to share with family and friends who thought we fell off the face of the planet. The amount of people that responded with prayer for us was overwhelming, and gave us so much courage and strength through and confusing, scary, and overwhelming time.

Some friends worked together to paint this picture for me, which is now hanging where I see it and treasure it every day. It quotes “for those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not grow faint”-Isaiah 40:31. What an amazing reminder in the trials we face. He will renew our strength, and spur us on. And through the trials, we can not just crawl through them, but soar on wings like eagles with him. Even when it feels like we are too low to ever be brought up again, we can place our hope in the Lord, who will renew our strength.

This encouragement along with the countless other ways people have encouraged us has been an incredible gift from God. Thank you so very much.

In Him,

The Barkers