• Karissa

Word To You Mothers

Motherhood is hard. And all of us with purses full of half eaten crumbs, permananent dark circles under our eyes, and moods simultaneously verging on overflowing joy, frustrated tears, never ending affection, and exhausted exasperation all nod our heads in agreement.

That’s probably why I just felt like I could use some encouragement today, and thought you might too. So here you go.

Word to You Mothers:

The truth is, you were made for this. You’ve got this. You’re equipped and called. And you are doing important work.

Motherhood can either be a reflection of our devotion to God: a continual offering of ourselves to live and love like Christ, or it can be a chasing after the wind. It is a chasing after the wind if our time and energy as mamas revolves around things that do not matter.

We can choose to live making steps towards the good goals of raising good humans, or we can choose to live making steps towards the best goal of following Christ.

What blows me away about motherhood is that God equipped us with an innate way to be like Him in the most beautiful way possible: the giving up of ourselves for someone else. Whether you are an adoptive mama, birth mama, or foster, all motherhood is born out of a death of self. Jesus told his followers “if anyone would come after me, let him take up his cross and follow me.” (Matthew 16:24 ESV) He asked us to die to ourselves, and to follow him along the same path. 

To take up our cross and follow Christ is to walk the same path that Jesus did, which is hard but beautiful. Taking up our cross has triumphs on earth too, but they are nothing compared with the eternal glory we are waiting for. As a mother, our assignment is first to follow Christ. Everything falls into place after that. 

You don’t need to try harder, or set bigger goals for your family, or put your self care above all to be a “good mom”.

We are not called to be good moms, we are called to be disciples of Christ.

And the God that we serve, that we take up our cross to follow, made motherhood to reflect the very best way we can be a Christ Follower: loving like Him.

Mama, all you need to hear is you are made for this. What you are doing: the blood, sweat, and tears (and slobber and snot) are worth it. You are doing kingdom work, and your self sacrifice is seen and celebrated as a reflection of Christ.